Is your jewelry protected?

by chris wright

We never want to dwell on the bad things that can happen in life, but it is good to be prepared.  In the event that your jewelry is lost or stolen, it might be necessary to insure your precious and valuable items.  One of the necessary pieces of information needed to properly insure any jewelry  is an appraisal of the item to provide an accurate replacement value.   The process for getting an appraisal is easy and painless.  One of the first questions I get is "do I have to leave my jewelry to get an appraisal?" and the answer is no.  We simply need to inspect the item, get the critical information relating to the jewelry and then provide a document that describes your jewelry and provides a replacement value based on today's current jewelry market.  No appointment is needed and we are always glad to help in making sure you feel that your jewelry is properly protected.